Marketing Plan Consulting Issues.

  • What are the primary marketing objectives, strategic initiatives and plans, drawing on prior step inputs?
  • What elements of the marketing mix — Product, Price, Promotion and Place — provide the greatest leverage?
  • Can marketing resources be realigned to improve efficiency and effectiveness?
  • Are there opportunities to improve marketing and sales planning, through redesigned systems, processes or organizational structures?

Marketing Plan Consulting Approach.

Approach and anticipated results to marketing plan consulting efforts:

Market plan development requires clearly defining marketing plan objectives, goals and tactics, including market mix decisions. Our marketing plan consultants consider the importance of awareness generation vs. other communication objectives.

  • Should the marketing plan emphasize customer acquisition or retention?
  • What is the optimal media strategy, plan and budget?
  • What is the specific marketing action plan to enact — including cost, timing and budgetary parameters.

Why hire a marketing plan consultant?

As marketing strategy consultants specializing in marketing plan creation, we work across a variety of client situations and are able to efficiently and effectively diagnose key issues to address through marketing strategy and plan development. We build marketing strategies, plans and tactics designed to drive growth with a track-record of success across a variety of categories.